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More Student Stop Motion

I have been doing stop motion animation with students since 2011, and it has been a lot of fun. I have worked with students in several curricular areas, and also was the advisor of a stop motion club for two years. I have started a playlist (below) of a few of my favorites.

Picture 3 Steve Katz

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Cluttered Desktop

I was working with an 8th grade class today and came across a student with a very cluttered desktop. Actually, that is a huge understatement. I have never seen a desktop with this much on it in my life. I explained how this slows down her computer, and offered to help her to organize and to change the destination of her screen shots (shot takes a lot of them), but she respectfully declined. She was kind enough to send me a screen shot of her desktop. Here you go…

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.00.53 PM

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Cloud Storage Comparison Chart

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This week in The Fish Bowl we are teaching about cloud storage, and the options for storing with different services. I put together this comparison chart on the clod storage pricing. I use all of these services, but if you are going to sign up for Dropbox, please use this link, and you and I will each receive and extra 250 MB of storage.

Online Storage Comparison Steve Katz

Update: We rarely use Microsoft products, which is why I didn’t include them. One of my old students shared the OneDrive pricing below:

Microsoft OneDrive offers 15 gigs free, but if you upload a picture using camera uploads from your phone, you get another 15 gigs free.. that’s a total of 30 GB free..

$1.99 a month for 100 gb more,
$3.99 a month for 200 gb more,
$9.99 a month for 1 TB + Office 365 (full downloadable version of Office for 5 household members)..

even with a free account, you can open and edit all Office files that you have stored in your cloud storage through any web browser..
it launches Word, PPT, Excel, Onenote, etc right in your web browser!

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Stop Motion Animation on iTunes U

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I’m very excited to announce that my Stop Motion Animation iTunes U course has been published in the Apple Distinguished Educators Lessons for the Classroom series. I think it is a good resource for learning and teaching stop motion animation in very few steps. The course has some guidelines for how to set up projects, and I’ll be adding more content as I create it. I hope you enjoy the course.

Steve Katz Stop Motion iTunes U

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Great Remixes With WEAVLY

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I recently came across what looks like it will be a promising tool for remixing media. WEAVLY (still in beta) currently allows you to remix YouTube videos, SoundCloud audio, gif images, and has a good tool for adding titles. They appear to be planning to add other media to the mix, including Vine videos, Tumblr, and Loopcam. WEAVLY is social, allowing shares, embeds, remixes, and “upvoting.”

WEAVLY gives the user a lot of editing controls, and links to all original content. There is also a section for “Assignments,” but the tutorial is not currently working. I would like to see WEAVLY allow the user to choose the display frame for the video. Mine currently has a frame from one of the videos that is not in my remix. I would have chosen the frame below.

My first video is dedicated to Amalia Kingsbury, who on a daily basis reminds everyone in our office, “DON’T POKE THE BEAR!”


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iPads in Education

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Below is the iPads in Education slide show that I created as part of a five day EdTech Jumpstart workshop in Ipoh, Malaysia.

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KIS EdTech Team 2014-2015

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This year the KIS EdTech Team has two new members, and with that, new artwork. This year we outsourced this for the first time. We were fortunate enough to have my talented student, Melissa Rodriguez, create our “business cards” this year. Below is what I put together as our “team photo,” and then each individual card. Ben Summerton used the artwork to create our Keynote theme for the year. Check out our first presentation using the theme. This is some seriously cool artwork. Melissa is a graphic artist and freelances in her spare time. See some of her artwork, photography, and videos at melirodriguezart.com/.

A Pretty Good Bet small

Amalia Kingsbury

Amalia Kingsbury

Rick Mallon

Rick Mallon

Art Schultz

Art Schultz

David Lee

David Lee

Ben Summerton

Ben Summerton

Steve Katz

Steve Katz


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Professional Development That Works

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This presentation about ongoing professional learning in The Fish Bowl at Korea International School was presented twice. The first time at the Learning 2 Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, October and the second time at EARCOS Leadership Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, November 2, 2014. The slide show below is from the EARCOS conference.

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Stop Motion Animation in Your Classroom

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Below is the slide deck for my stop motion animation workshop at the Seoul EduLAN conference on October 25, 2014 and Korea International School.

Workshop description:

Ever thought about creating stop motion animations with your students? It is fun and easy to do. In this session we will cover some of the important aspects of creating these movies, and then create our own. Bring your computer, phone, or tablet, and some toys you would like to animate.

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Creating Classroom Movies With YouTube Editor

Presentation resources for the EdTech Team South Korea Summit featuring Google Apps for Education, September 28, 2014.


YouTube Editor

YouTube Editor Tutorials

YouTube Capture (for iOS)

Creative Commons Licenses

Movie Rubric Creator

How to:

Set up your YouTube channel

Upload videos

Use YouTube Editor

Promo from a Fish Bowl professional development session with similar objectives.

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