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Teach With video is a blog to help teachers integrate digital video projects in the classes they teach. The podcast provides tips for classroom management, unit and lesson design, and various resources to help teachers guide students toward the successful creation of curriculum-based videos.

Workshop in Ipoh, Malaysia

Come join us for a five day technology integration workshop in Ipoh, Malaysia May 1-5, 2014. There are a few spots left.

Ed Tech Jumpstart Flyer

For registration & hotel information contact Jessica O’Kelly or Amanda Stoddard.

Ed Tech Jumpstart Workshop Agenda

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Intro to the Flipped Classroom Part 2

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This presentation was created as an introduction to the flipped classroom. It was presented to teachers who were in the first month of their school’s 1:1 program to help them to begin flipping some lessons. Part 1 includes many links to help familiarize with the basics of the flipped classroom.

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Intro to the Flipped Classroom

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From the start I was not a big fan of the flipped classroom. My greatest hesitation toward the flipped classroom is that it becomes way too easy for teachers to use this as an excuse to dump more (disengaging) homework on students, by reinventing the lecture using technology. After reading more about it I believe that there is some merit to this method when the practice is used to differentiate the instruction, and place the responsibility for learning on the students, not just simply flipping homework and classwork. Below are some of the articles that gave me a better idea of what flipping is about, and more importantly, what it should not be about.

The Basics

Flipped Classroom Infographic

In depth explanation of the flipped classroom

The History

The Vod Couple – Aaron Sams & Jonathan Bergmann started it all.

Salman Khan

The Discussion

A Better Version of a Bad Thing?

Educators Evaluate Flipped Classrooms

Three Questions to Consider

Technology Can Reduce School Costs

The Strategies

5 Strategies to Flip & Engage

Free Tools for Flipping

Beyond the Classroom

Flipping…It’s Not Just For The Classroom

Flipping Parent Communication?

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Digital Assignment Naming Conventions

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Suggested Naming Conventions For Digital Assignments

Naming digital assignments (including Google Docs) :
Block Assignment Name Last Name First Name (as it appears in the student information system/grade program)
==> HS/MS Example: C Rome Essay Kim Johnny
==> ES Example: 4B Weather Map Kim Johnny

Naming Google collections/folders:
Block Last Name First Name (as it appears in the student information system/grade program)
==> HS/MS Example: C Kim Johnny
==> ES Example: 4B Kim Johnny

Email Subject Heading (to make for easy filtering when turning in digital assignments):
HW block
==> Example: HWC

Download the Handout

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Paperless End of the Year Checkout

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Here’s my idea for digital checkout for teachers on the last day of school. Teachers receive a list (email) of what they have to do & who checks them. The people who check have editing privileges on the spreadsheet. They put an X (or initials, or a color fill) in the cell in lieu of a signature. Simple, and not a lot of setup. You could put a little more work into the spreadsheet by adding conditional formatting such as greying out the person when all cells are checked.

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My New Coaster

Unfortunately, hard drives don’t last forever. But you can keep using them. Here is my friend Kevin‘s external hard drive shortly after it died.

I love opening electronic equipment after it no longer is in use, so that’s what I did with the hard drive. I left it sitting on my desk after opening it. I started using it as a coaster for my coffee cup.

A few days later I came across some of those rubber footpads that are used to keep things from scratching up your table. I stuck four of those to the bottom to keep my “coaster” from scratching my desk.

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Illuminated Letters – 21st Century Style

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My seventh graders were studying the middle ages and illuminated letters. They created these with various software, although most used Paintbrush, a free download. This is just a small sample. I posted all of the letters.



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Paperless Classrooom Presentation @ BIS Canada

Below is the presentation I gave to the wonderful educators from BIS Canada in Korea on Friday, April 15, 2011.

Thanks for inviting me!

See some of my other professional development presentations.


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Paperless Presentation

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Last week I presented at the KORCOS conference in Korea about my experience having a paperless classroom this year, and my recommendations to teachers who are thinking about moving toward eliminating paper from their classes. Teaching paperless isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, and we have not used paper in my class this year.



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A Digital Textbook Should be More Than A Textbook

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Originally posted at TeachPaperless.

My students have digital textbooks for several of their classes, including my social studies class. These texts are basically pdf files of the book, with a much more confusing navigation. I’m not a big fan of textbooks, and we rarely use them in class. I prefer to have my students doing their own research, or creating a product, rather than reading a textbook.

Today I asked them what they think a digital text should include. These were some of their ideas:

  • Video
  • Links to sources (My students want the author’s sources so they can check the reliability of the textbook, or do further investigation.)
  • Activities they can download
  • Intuitive navigation (like a web page)
  • Loads quickly
  • Customizable fonts
  • Adjustable page size
  • Colorful
  • Searchable
  • Links to sites of experts on the topic
  • Question and answer section where they can post and respond
  • Live chat with other students and recognized experts
  • Rollover of terms to see the definition
  • Linked table of contents
  • Printable pages
  • Voice controls (They are 7th graders.)

These ideas would make the text more of an interactive web site than a text book.
Note to publishers: That is a good thing.


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